Pakistan Radio sheds crocodile tears for Punjab farmers

August 26th, 2008 - 6:59 pm ICT by ANI  

Ferozepur, Aug.26 (ANI): The latest theme of Punjabi Durbar programme of Pakistan Radio is that the Sikhs in Punjab are being discriminated against by the Government, both in the Punjab and by the Government of India.

The broadcasters of the Radio Pakistan have been stating that since the establishment of Punjab, nothing has been done to solve the problems of Sikhs and problems like Satluj -Yamuna canal.

But residents of Khui-Khera Village in Punjabs Ferozepur district, who also get to listen to the Pakistan radios broadcasts listen to them with disbelief.

Instead, the residents say that the Sikhs are not facing any problem in Punjab and government is very helpful to them. In fact an Akali-BJP government is in power in the State.

Darshan Singh, resident of Khui- Khera Village in Ferozepur, said: We, the Hindus and Sikhs, are living as brothers and sisters. We are having very cordial relations. We cooperate with each other in agriculture and other daily transactions.

Pakistan, the villagers say, has been keen to divide the people for its own interests. They say: Our government is very helpful to us and it is doing a lot for our welfare like paying us the right value for our agricultural products.

Gurbhajan Singh, a member of the village council (Panchayat) of Khui-Khera Village, said: There is no danger to our farming. We are ready to face any challenge. Government is always ready to help us in any problem. The Government is like our family, we can always approach it, and be sure that the response will be positive.

Pakistan Radio has also been stating that the Government of India is neglecting agriculture in India.

Pradeep, a farmer in Khui-khera village says: These statements are far from the truth. In fact agriculture in Punjab has grown manifold. The Government has been helpful, and the farmers enterprising. Every year, the agricultural output is increasing. Of late we have been diversifying agriculture, growing vegetables and other crops.

He adds: Today, the agricultural production has doubled up in comparison to what it was 15 years ago. Today, the farmers are using modern techniques. Fifteen years ago the production in agriculture was just four to eight quintals per acre. Today, it is 30 to 35 quintals per acre. Punjab is golden bird in terms of agriculture.

It is but natural that Pakistan is jealous of our progress, say the Punjab farmers.

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