Pakistan Radio discovers that Sikhs are being discriminated

July 1st, 2008 - 4:50 pm ICT by ANI  

Manmohan Singh

Abohar, July 1 (ANI): The latest discovery by the Pakistan radio that Sikhs are being discriminated in India has caused surprise in Punjab.
The Punjabi Darbar programme has suddenly found out that the Sikhs are victims of discrimination against their religion, culture, language, human rights and in justice. The Radio said in one of its recent programmes that the Sikhs are being blamed by the Indian security agencies.
People feel that Radio Pakistan should keep the discovery to itself. The malicious propaganda against India, and particularly, people in Punjab, lacks credibility.
People are angry that Punjabi Durbar programme is continuing is spreading propaganda against Sikhs which is totally false and unacceptable. Sikhs are living peacefully all over India. They feel that the Punjab government should do something to stop Pakistan from spreading propaganda against India and Sikhs.
Our request to Pakistan government is that they should stop anti- India and anti-Sikh propaganda. We hope they will take care of our emotions. We are living a very happy life here in Punjab and they should not try to vitiate environment here, Jagjit Singh , a Sikh youth said.
Surjit Singh Kalsi, one Sikh priest, said: Pakistan is spreading false information that there is feud inside the Sikh community. This is also wrong that there are tensions between Sikhs and other religions. Hindu, Muslims and Sikhs all are living peacefully in harmony. It is completely wrong to say that voices of Sikhs are not heard in India. Pakistan should look after their own affairs rather then interfere in our matters. Baba Jeevan Singh, a Sikh elder, said: Pakistan through its programme Punjabi Durbar is trying to create division among Sikhs. We dont speak anything against them. We want them to remember that all of us –Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs and Christians– are living with peace and in full harmony in India without any problem.
The Pakistan Radio must remember the government in Punjab as well as at the Centre are being headed by Prakash Singh Badal and Manmohan Singh respectively and both are Sikhs. (ANI)

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