Pakistan Radio continues to harp on water problems of Punjab

March 11th, 2008 - 8:10 pm ICT by admin  

Chandigarh, Mar 11 (ANI): The people of Punjab have strongly rebutted Pakistan Radio allegations that the Central Government has discriminatory attitude towards them.
In one of its recent broadcasts Punjabi Durbar programme of Pakistan Radio has alleged that the Centre has rejected the construction of a canal for the benefit of farmers in Punjab.
The former Deputy Director in the Irrigation Department of Punjab, G S Dhillon said: “Its totally wrong to say that the Central Government has rejected the Dashmesh Canal project. There are certain stages any of the projects has to go through before it gets final clearance.”
“All projects take some time to get a final clearance. The Indian Government is not against the Dashmesh Canal Project, and surely it will get its desired shape in future,” said Dhillon rejecting Pakistan Radio propaganda.
Recalling his days with the Irrigation Department, Dhillon said: “We always got positive response from the Centre.”
He went on to say that B S Ahuja a Sikh chairs the Power Commission, and it is not true that Punjab is facing an acute irrigation problem despite of having several river.
Dhillon said the neighbouring country is trying to make a mountain out of molehill.
He said that there was problem of water in Punjab, but that is not very grave.
“It’s a common problem in any state and any country. So the allegations raised by Punjabi Durbar are false and malicious,” Dhillon said.
In Punjab dams are managed by Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) since 1947. It is not true that water is taken away from Punjab.
The broadcasts that are aired from Lahore try to mislead those who are living along the Indo-Pak border of the State. The propaganda has little impact but it evokes unhappiness that people from across the border spread falsehood.
Experts believe that the Inter Services Intelligence organisation is not giving up its old agenda and continues its efforts to keep alive some issues and promote divisions in Indian Punjab.
Dr Dhillon feels that Punjab has become a land of boundless opportunities, offering distinct advantages for agriculture, investment and industry, and it seems that Pakistan cannot digest this fact and cannot see a prosperous and developed Punjab. (ANI)

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