Organic fruit and vegetable cleanser

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By Juhan Samuel

Kochi, Feb 6 (ANI): A Kerala based company has come out with an organic bio fresh fruit and vegetable cleanser, which they claim, is totally non-toxic and takes off any kind of pesticides, chemicals, wax coating, handling contaminants or surface grime and germs from fruits and vegetables.

Almost all vegetables and fruits available in the market are sprayed with highly toxic pesticides and insecticides. Moreover, when transported from the farm to marketplace they go through highly unhygienic handling, shipping and storage.

Many of them are also waxed to preserve quality and appearance so as to increase their shelf life.

The pesticides and other agricultural chemicals are usually designed to be waterproof so that rain and irrigation do not wash them off.

The oil or wax based artificial coatings act as a shield, trapping in dirt and germs, which do not come off by running through water.

On the other hand using ordinary soaps and dishwashing solutions are not desirable as they leave their residue or aftertaste.

Blue Sapphire Trading Corporation, started its product planning and research work about 2 years back and finally came out with an organic cleanser, ready to be launched in the market soon.

Recently the company got a satisfactory note from the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, which conducted a detailed study on various fruits and vegetables.

The cleanser is made from natural ingredients and rinses away completely without leaving any residue or aftertaste. It has no artificial perfumes or colours and is 100 per cent safe and gentle on hands claims the company.

Bio fresh is very effective and removes 98 per cent contaminants when compared to washing with water alone added Operations Manager of the Company. (ANI)

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