Oprah Winfrey’’s “human hankie” reunites with her on show

November 9th, 2008 - 2:48 pm ICT by ANI  

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Chicago, Nov 9 (ANI): When American talk show host Oprah Winfrey wept on the shoulder of the man next to her during Barack Obama’’s victory speech, little did she know that it would bring him into the spotlight.
Sam Perry, of Menlo Park, Calif., himself never realised that a weeping Winfrey leaning on his left shoulder in Grant Park on November 4 would bring him so much fame.
Oprah, who did not know the man, revealed on the “O” blog: All Oprah, all the time Oprah’’s human hankie revealed Oprah: ”It was the best paper”.
From that moment on, Perry an unknown became known as Oprah Winfrey’’s human hankie and he appeared at a live taping of her show in Chicago.
Winfrey gave thanks to Perry, and on November 8 shared a hug with him apologizing for not asking his name during the rally.
“What a night to share. This is the jacket, and you”ll see there’’s no mascara [on it],” the Chicago Sun-Times quoted Perry as saying.
“My cell phone right from the very beginning was vibrating from calls. People were staked out at my house yesterday as well,” he added.
Winfrey, who was also asked the same questions, revealed that it had been quite a tight fit in the crowd.
“I get home [Tuesday] and there are all these e-mails saying to me saying, ”Who’’s the guy whose shoulder you were leaning on?”” Winfrey said.
“We were packed so closely you couldn”t move. If I had had my hands down, I would have been in this guy’’s butt,” she stated.
Winfrey said she saw the picture of the two in the newspaper the next day, but at the time hadn”t even seen his face.
“If I had to identify him in a lineup I couldn”t,” Winfrey said.
“At first I did say to him if I could lean into his shoulder,” she revealed.
The search for Perry, who had been dubbed as “Mr. Man” by Winfrey as she thanked him on TV on November 5 for giving her a shoulder to cry on, began. Suntimes.com broke the news November 6 that Perry, a consultant living in northern California, was the guy grooving to Stevie Wonder with the TV superstar before Winfrey broke down in tears on his shoulder.
A panel of co-hosts on the show poked fun at the moment, saying Winfrey wasn”t just leaning on Perry but was draped all over him.
“Can you image this guy? He’’s watching Obama and all of a sudden he turns around and it’’s Oprah,” joked actor Mark Consuelos. (ANI)

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