On Diwali, foreign devotees of Lord Krishna begin circumambulation of ‘Govardhan parvat’

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According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan hill in Mathura for seven days, and saved people from the devastating rains started by a furious Lord Indra, the Rain God.

Pilgrims chant hymns and sing devotional songs in praise of Lord Krishna, as they begin the ritual of circumambulation of the hill.

“Lord Krishna is very special because many stories are told about him like lifting “Govardhan Parvat”. This shows the affection of Lord Krishna’s disciples for Him. It’s easy to love god if you know who he is,” said Krishna Priyadasi, a devotee from Canada.

Organisers of the pilgrimage are happy at the arrival of foreigners in such a large number.

“The number of foreign tourists is over two thousand. This is good for the upliftment and glorification of the culture of Braj (culturally, the region around Mathura considered to be the land of Krishna),” said Bhakti Vedant Tirth Maharaj, a seer.

Govardhan hill is worshiped by pilgrims, as Krishna’s natural form. Devotees take up a 168-mile pilgrimage popularly known as “Chaurasi Kos Ki Parikarma” that circles the region.

These devotees from different parts of the world will visit different shrines and places believed to have been linked to different incidents in Lord Krishna’s life along the route.

The pilgrimage will last for one-and-a-half-month.

Mathura town, believed to be the birth place of Lord Krishna has many temples devoted to the deity, who is considered a Ishta Dev (the chosen deity for the qualities one most wants to emulate) by many. (ANI)

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