O54MA car no. plate banned in UK over OSAMA resemblance

November 21st, 2008 - 2:10 pm ICT by ANI  

London, November 21 (ANI): Licensing chiefs in Britain have banned all car registration numbers that resemble words associated with terrorism.
The authorities took this decision after spotting hundreds of potentially offensive plates, including one with the number O54MA that could be read as OSAMA.
There were also numbers plates like HO57AGE that resembled the word HOSTAGE, BU58OMB that could be read as BUS BOMB, MA56ACA appearing like MASSACRE, and HE58OLA that was quite near to HEZBOLLAH.
The DVLA has made it clear that anything including JEHAD or HAMAS will also be out.
Their blacklist also contains some numbers that the panel thought could prove to be provocative on religious grounds and spark racial hatred, including one reading MO56LEM that resembled MOSLEM.
Plates like BOO4ZYY, which may be read as BOOZY, has also been banned to discourage drink-driving.
Every number is checked to ensure it doesnt cause offence, British tabloid The Sun quoted a spokesman for the Swansea-based DVLA as saying.
Lib Dem transport spokesman Norman Baker, who obtained the list under Freedom of Information laws, said: Some combinations would be deeply offensive.
Baker added: But its over the top to ban words about booze and sex. Its a bit nanny state. (ANI)

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