Now, Sarah Palin is creating a frenzy among YouTube lyricists!

September 13th, 2008 - 12:42 pm ICT by ANI  

Sarah Palin

London, September 13 (ANI): Alaska Governor Sarah Palins emergence as the Republican Vice Presidential nominee has inspired many musician members of the video sharing website YouTube, who have come up with some serious and satirical songs about her.
Her strong opposition to abortion, belief in creationism, and description of the Iraq war as a task from God have polarised public opinion.
The divide between Palins supporters and opponents manifests itself in the lyrics of the many YouTube songs directed at her.
In The Ballad of Sarah Palin, set to the tune of Davey Crocket, Mason Storm sings along to his guitar Sarah, Sarah Palin. Queen of the Alaskan Frontier over a montage of her pictures.
A card carrying member of the N.R.A. Disagree with her, and shell blow your ass away….. Alaskas Governor is a Hockey Mom, Sarah soon will make history, As the first gun totin, nut job, female V.P., the Telegraph quoted Storm as continuing.
Thus far 120,000 people have viewed the video.
Another video set to the Katy Perry pop song, I picked a girl, has footage of Palin-lookalike with a baby strapped to her back and holding a rifle.
The track has been viewed by about 300,000 viewers to date.
The singer, who calls himself Bam Bam KaBoosh, says: Most didnt even know her name/ It doesnt matter/ Hates Choice and all those pesky Gays/ umm…Like Hillary But Better/ Has a Vag and Boobs/ Baby we cant lose/ Were Going all the way.
In Me and Sarah Palin, seemingly a message of support, the singer Ellie Maybe says: Shes got pretty eyes behind those silly glasses/ She kick all your asses.
YouTube lyricists have also drawn some inspiration from Palins” hunting prowess:
Sarah Palin Song Moose Shootin Blues parodies her pride at her small-town background with the refrain “I got the moose shooting, beauty pageant, trophy wife, hockey mom blues.” (ANI)

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