New Pak leadership must face dangerous truth of ISIs role in Indian terror: NYT

August 20th, 2008 - 12:02 pm ICT by ANI  

Nawaz Sharif

New York , Aug 20 (ANI): The new leadership in Pakistan mainly PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif will have to show personal courage and broad political support to clean up its armed forces and intelligence agency ISI of the elements which have in the past killed Indian diplomats in collaboration with armed Islamic extremists.

They must acknowledge a dangerous and painful truth: key leaders of Pakistan s military and its Inter-Services Intelligence agency have long collaborated with armed Islamic extremists operating in Afghanistan , the Indian province of Kashmir and Pakistan s own tribally administered regions along the Afghan border. In their eyes, these extremists serve Pakistan s strategic interests. In reality, as The Times has extensively reported, these militants kill American and NATO soldiers, Indian diplomats and Pakistani civilians, the New York Times said in an editorial.

It added: It will take personal courage and broad political support to clean up these forces and finally bring them under civilian control. Pakistan s leaders will better their odds if they stop pretending that the fight against terrorism is somehow America s problem and not Pakistan s. They will also have to stop pretending that ad-hoc cease-fires and bribes to insurgent leaders can roll back the Taliban threat.

According to the paper, the first challenge before the new government is to choose a new civilian president, free from any taint of corruption or complicity with past dictatorships. The presidency must also be stripped of the special dictatorial powers that Musharraf seized for himself, including the power to suspend civil liberties and rule by decree, added the paper.

Pakistans newly elected civilian leaders must also move quickly to challenge Taliban and Al Qaeda forces who threaten their own countrys stability and the Pakistani intelligence and military officers who are in league with them. They must address a desperate food and fuel crisis and tackle the deeper problems of poverty, development and corruption that are feeding extremism and anti-American fury.

Pakistan needs to send its most elite troops into the troubled frontier areas bordering Afghanistan , and needs to spend its military dollars, many of which are provided by Washington , on counterinsurgency weapons, not F-16 fighter jets bought to challenge India . The US must condition future military aid on more focused and effective Pakistani counterinsurgency efforts and carefully monitor how that aid is spent. (ANI)

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