“Naked lust” of the BJP

November 27th, 2007 - 7:29 pm ICT by admin  

By Smita Prakash
New Delhi, Nov.27 (ANI): This isn’t a story about the nudity of politicians in the country. Nor, is it a story of yet another scurrilous scandal in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
It’s to do with the charge levelled against the main opposition party by the ruling Congress party. While speaking in Parliament, able lawyer and erudite Congressman Abhishek Singhvi spoke about BJP’s “naked lust” for power in joining hands with Gowda’s family incorporated political party. If it was lust that prompted the BJP to unite with JD (S), then poor BJP has been left high and dry..no satiation here. They better head for a cold shower because ’son of the soil’ Deve Gowda is not going to call it a day. He made that abundantly clear in his “emotional” speech where he decided to blame his prodigal son Kumaraswamy for entering into an alliance with the BJP in the first place…that too when he was out of town. Go Kumara….stand in a corner and hold your ears! Deve Gowda stretches credulity more than a chewing gum can stretch. But back to Singhvi’s charge, this nudity is all encompassing in the Indian political spectrum. To borrow an idiom “is hamaam mey sab nange”, which translated means all are naked in this Turkish bath.
Politics makes strange bedfellows. Why else does the Congress have such strange sleeping partners in its coalition? Partners who spare no opportunity to lay bare their desire to grab “lucrative portfolios” or arm-twist the government on domestic or international issues. And, can the Congress tell its partners to take a walk when by all right they should and deserve to say it. They cant. You see its back to the hamaam and lust bit. Why else is super sanyasin Uma Bharati flip flopping on support to Narendra Modi? One day she acknowledges that he is Vikas Purush; the next day terms him Vinash Purush. She hasn’t forgotten that she had to vacate chief-ministership abruptly a la Benazir style and has been waiting in the wings for her chance again.
Like Benazir, here is the Indian brand of lustful thirst for power. But Uma has not yet made the Faustian bargain. Benazir has and will have her wings singed by yet another lustful contender, Nawaz Sharif. Adding more flesh to the meat of Pakistani politics is Mr. Musharraf, the dear departed (almost) General. His “naked lust” for power is phenomenal. Read his fictional autobiography if you dont believe me. But if there is one person who seems most uneasy with the ‘power’ that is there for him to take it’s Rahul Gandhi. Will he campaign in Gujrat and Himachal is any one’s guess. And if Narendra Modi asks of the Congress why Rahul? And what does Rahul have that he doesn’t, all the Congress needs to say is “Uske paas ma hai”. (ANI)

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