Mundogari in Haryana is a village where Osama will be at ‘home’

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Mundogari (Haryana), Oct. 11 (ANI): Mundogari, located 50-odd kilometers from New Delhi in Haryana prides itself on being a ‘true’ Islamic village.

In this village, which has 5,000 inhabitants, girls are debarred from going to schools. They have been debarred from having education. They are also not allowed to step out of their houses without totally covering themselves.

The madrassa, or the school in the village, is open only to boys.

“None of the women in our village have studied till standard ten. I went to school till fifth standard. Lots of restrictions have been imposed on the women. They say that according to Koran, girls should not be educated. Why do we have to face restrictions like this?” asks Saima, a Kindergarten teacher.

Not just that, watching television or listening to songs on radio is banned. The edict promulgated by the local cleric makes all those who listen to music and sees television of committing blasphemy,

The edict prohibits all recreational activities as un-Islamic

The local clerics claim that going to schools and being seen outside your house, with an uncovered face is un-Islamic.

“Television is unacceptable in our religion. They show all kind of nude pictures and rubbish things which are banned in our religion. There is not a single television in our village,” said Shakeel Ahmed, a local cleric.

The clerics are not concerned that the people of the village live in abject poverty, and the only ‘employment’ open to them is to engage themselves in doing menial jobs.

No one has had the courage to defy the edict issued by the local cleric — so far. Osama would be completely at home at Mundogari. (ANI)

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