McCain outdated, doesnt know how to even use a PC: Obama

September 13th, 2008 - 12:33 pm ICT by ANI  

Concord (New Hampshire, United States), Sept.13 (ANI): The Obama campaigns two new anti-McCain advertisements have taken different approaches — One attacked McCain directly, the other tried to reinforce Obama’’s message of change with the candidate talking to the camera.
According to the Washington Post, the attack was direct, accusing McCain of being out of touch after 26 years in Washington. Using jaunty, humorous music, a picture of a younger McCain with shaggy hair and the hint of sideburns, and images of massive, antiquated cell phones and a Rubik’’s Cube, the ad is the clearest evocation yet of McCain’’s age.
The Republican turned 72 late last month.
Obama called him an out-of-touch economic illiterate who has slept through the Internet revolution. The Obama’’s camp portrayed McCain as a “gutter” politician, not a principled maverick.
“He admits he still doesn”t know how to use a computer, can”t send e-mail. Still doesn”t understand the economy, and favors 200 billion dollar in new tax cuts for corporations, but almost nothing for the middle class. . . . After one president who was out of touch.”
It concludes, “we just can”t afford more of the same.” The Obama campaign said the ad would be aired nationally on cable and on other outlets in swing states.
The McCain campaign countered by airing a new ad accusing their Democrat rivals of disrespecting Palin.
“He (Obama) was the world’’s biggest celebrity, but his star’’s fading,” the McCain ad said, accusing Obama and supporters of belittling Palin.
The independent website said the McCain ad explored “new paths of deception”, after other contentious claims that Obama had called Palin a “pig” and advocated teaching sex education to kindergarten children. (ANI)

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