McCain out in the cold following American fear over collapsing economy

October 8th, 2008 - 4:57 pm ICT by ANI  

Washington, Oct.8 (ANI): John McCain faces a daunting challenge to end America’’s fear over the possibility of the economy collapsing.
According to the New York Daily News, that is simply too high a hurdle for an underdog to overcome in a single debate.
With the stock market crate ring another 500 points yesterday, McCain wasn”t able to achieve his most critical objective: changing the subject to more favorable turf.
Foreign policy didn”t pop up until the debate’’s 56th minute. Until then, the advantage favored Obama’’s lunchpail populism pitch and the drag of eight years of Republican governance McCain has struggled to shed.
“In an environment as toxic as this for Republicans, McCain needed an opening,” said a senior Republican official. “He didn”t get one.”
The town hall format turned the encounter into a high-stakes civics lesson rather than the mudfest predicted by spinners from both sides beforehand. There was little hand-to-hand combat, few real sparks and no magic moments.
Befitting a contender sitting on a lead, Obama stayed above the fray as much as he could, counterpunching when necessary but mainly sticking to the economic mantra that plays to a Democratic advantage at moments of economic distress.
Both men were on their game. McCain’’s worst sound bite came when he referred to Obama as “that one” while discussing an energy bill. “Gratuitous, insulting and dismissive,” an Obama partisan snapped
McCain performed better on foreign policy - he had a more effective answer on whether Russia is still an Evil Empire - but Obama held his own for the most part and helped himself by demonstrating a strong familiarity with geopolitics.
McCain worked hard to suppress his abiding disdain for Obama’’s fitness to be President, but he occasionally lapsed into the trademark sarcasm that didn”t work well in the first debate. “Remarkable,” he zinged Obama for telegraphing a hypothetical military incursion into Pakistan.
Stylistically, Obama seemed more comfortable and at ease. McCain was stiffer but more impassioned and delivered the better closer.
Predictably, Democrats exulted. “I think the election ended tonight,” one of them said, arguing that independents and moderates will easily conclude Obama won.
Republicans were more subdued, but cheered that McCain acquitted himself well enough to stay competitive.
What McCain must do before next week’’s finale on Long Island is find a formula to convince uncommitted voters that he can be a superior financial crisis steward than Obama. (ANI)

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