Manipuri boy invents unique weaving machine

December 30th, 2007 - 7:27 pm ICT by admin  

By Sanjay Kumar
New Delhi, Dec 30 (ANI): A Manipuri boy has invented a unique weaving machine that makes garments without any stitches.

Yengkhom Daevson, a fashion designer, has named his Seamless Woven Garment machine as “BEMM,” after his sister.

Daevson said: “With this new machine, you can combine the textile and the garment industry. The garment can be directly made from yarn. So, there is advantage, since it does not involve any stitching. The time involved in making the garment is also greatly reduced.”

Daevson, also known as Momo, hails from Imphal. After finishing his school, he joined a Mechanical Engineer college in Bangalore. However, he felt that his true interest was in fashion designing and he left the engineering course mid-way and joined NIFT, Mumbai in 2002.

Daevson developed the machine during his final year at NIFT. This innovative machine has been granted a patent in India. Daevson has filed an application for Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in a few other countries.

NIFT Dean said: “Today, the industry is looking for this type of fabric. Since people are bored with mass-manufactured garments, they want to see something new and innovative. I think he has come out with a wonderful product and I hope that in future, we have more of these people.”

Daevson unveiled his autumn-cum-winter collection at the NIFT campus in New Delhi recently. His show named as ‘SKIN,’ had all the garments made by him on his new machine.

The “BEMM” slashes down the steps involved in garment making and thus reduces the production time, in addition to cutting cost.

Daevson has been granted funds for improving “BEMM” by the Technopreneur Promotion Programme (TePP) of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

He plans to bring the machine to the market in two months’ time.

Daevson feels proud about belonging to a culturally vibrant society like Manipur.

“Every society has its own culture, albeit with its own distinctions. I am using my creativity that I have received from my society, my home town,” he said. In his message to the youth of his state, Daevson said: “The present violence-marred condition of Manipur is a challenge for the youth. They should emerge from the morass, without waiting for opportunity to knock at their door.”

He said: “It (violence) might have stalled the economy, but it hasn’t stalled the growth of the mind, knowledge and creativity. The next generation has to do something.” (ANI)

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