Malay school infested by too many foreign ghosts!

September 8th, 2008 - 6:00 pm ICT by ANI  

Kuala Lumpur, September 8 (ANI): Malaysian shamans claim that there are too many foreign spirits at a school in Kuantan called SMK Tanjung Lumpur.
Some of them even claim to have communicated with the spirits responsible for bouts of hysteria at the school since May.
According to them, the spirits have made several demands for leaving the school, including a special feast.
The shamans who have visited the school say that the spirits claim that the new building had encroached on their area, and that is why a group of students would scream hysterically almost every day.
In most cases, the victims claimed that they saw an apparition with long hair, while others claimed they were possessed by an old woman and would act and sound like one.
State mufti Datuk Abdul Rahman Osman is not in favour of striking a deal with the supernatural beings.
As regards a shamans proposal to use the service of an assisting spirit to communicate with other supernatural beings or to treat a patient, Osman said that any efforts to solve the problem should not involve the help of spirits or jin.
“We have communicated with the residing spirits but they were not responsible for the bouts of hysteria at this school,” New Straits Times Online quoted two “paranormals” from Bandung, Indonesia, Rahmat Setiawan and Didi Ardi of Aura Syifa” organization, as saying.
“Most of them become hysterical because of other factors, including examination pressure and family problems. Some are reacting to the harsh treatment meted out by bomoh during the exorcism,” said Rahmat, who prefers to be known as a “mind therapist”.
He said that hysteria was prevalent among the Malays as they had been exposed to ghost stories since young.
“I was told that there are many ghost series shown on local television. We face the same problem in Indonesia as there are many stories on kuntilanak and jembalang being aired every day,” he added.
The victims parents, however, disagree.
Mariah Mat Zain, 50, said: “I”ve seen my daughter turning her head more than 180 degrees. She could also overpower five men when possessed.”
She claimed that her daughter was still suffering from hysteria, even though she had transferred to another school.
“Don”t tell me she is faking it. She’’s too young to do it,” she said.
Doctors said that it was a difficult phenomenon to explain.
“We have to consider what the family will feel if we say that there’’s no ghost or whatsoever in their child’’s body. As a Muslim, I advise them to seek help from ustaz and pray for God’’s help,” said a private medical practitioner. (ANI)

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