Mahatma Gandhis American look-a-like visits Chandigarh

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Chandigarh, Jan.9 (ANI): Students at a Chandigarh school had a pleasant surprise on Tuesday, when a look-a-like of Mahatma Gandhi from the United States visited them.
The students were later told that the 70-year-old was Bernie Meyer from the U.S, who has resolved to adorn the attire of Mahatma Gandhi and follow his footsteps. Practicing Gandhian way of life since 2002, he is presently touring India.
Bernie Meyer is on a peace mission to disseminate a message of brotherhood and love for planet Earth, right from the masses in America to the humanity across the world.
He had a personal interaction with the young scholars at the school.
“Because I believe in the spiritual life that underlies or material reality from my teachers from the Catholic Christian tradition said the same thing that Gandhi said. Gandhi laid emphasis on the spirit, the Atma that we all share so I see the East and West coming together in this message. So that’s why I have been . as Gandhi because its universal. I don’t know what it means here but that what it means to me,” asserted Bernie Meyer, Gandhian from USA.
Meyer also mentioned that he has been actively associated with non-violence movement in the USA since 2002.
“I have been part of the Non-Violence Group Fellowship of Reconciliation for many years and I was at a national meeting. I was in the National Council of Fellow Reconciliation 2002 and somebody said we want you to bring down the Gandhi to thank people who were doing very good work for the humanity,” added Bernie Meyer.
Addressing students, Bernie Meyer asked the youngsters to spread Gandhian philosophy and protect Mother Earth lest the human race should get destroyed.
Bernie who served as a parish priest in USA was inspired by Gandhi’s work–Hind Swaraj. Moreover, he even went to jail for a peace cause during his battle against the powers-that-be in USA.
Bernie Meyer, who is today vociferously engaged in decrying the US action in the Middle East, was assertive on issues like racism and the war in Vietnam. (ANI)

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