Let us be Realistic about relations with Pakistan (Part III)

December 12th, 2008 - 4:35 pm ICT by ANI  


If Pakistan fails to get the second instalment of funds from IMF this month, it won”t have funds in its treasury to pay for the salaries of its staff, and that perhaps includes the army as well. Let us also not forget that the army there has received well over US $10 billion from the US to fund the so-called war against terror. Further income from this source could dry up too.

Let us deal with Pakistan realistically and without nostalgia. Let us deal with them as a country that is home to the world’’s most wanted terrorists, a country that created the “mujahadeen” and “Taliban” as pawns to extend its reach into neighbouring territories. Let us also remember that it was the so called “Taliban” who over ran Afghanistan, three years after the withdrawal of Soviet troops. They publicly hanged the President of Afghanistan Najibullah.

Even since the murder of President Najibullah, Pakistan has pushed Afghanistan into the Stone Age with the help of the “Taliban”. Pakistan has always wanted to create a strategic depth for itself. Afghanistan had to lose its individuality.

India must be realistic about the situation that exists on the ground. Yes, we want a civilian government in Pakistan. Yes, we want the army of that country and its ISI to be brought under civilian control. But, then Americans too have their interests in the region. They want the Pakistan Army to fight their war on terror. What hope Americans have? Sooner or later they will wise up to the situation.

For India, the choice is clear. We have had enough of this nonsense of one way goodwill. It is time to deal with Pakistan as it is. Let us not expect that they will respond to any of our demands about closing down the terror camps or handing over the criminals wanted by India. We have to evolve our own options.

The world today respects the rich and powerful. India today is seen as an emerging power.

Let us strengthen our borders and our coastlines so that the enemy dare not attempt to come in again. Ignore your adversaries and isolate them for what they are doing to the world. Stop the candle light marches to the Wagah border, to shake hands with a neighbour who still dreams of marching into India. (ANI)

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