Kerala man carving ‘record’ Bhagwad Gita less than a centimetre in size

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By Juhan Samuel
Alappuzha (Kerala), Nov.13 (ANI): A man in Kerala’s Alappuzha District is preparing a mini-edition of Hindu epic Bhagwad Gita etched on thin silver strips, each measuring 8 millimetres in size and weighing six grams in total.
Being carved in Malyalam language, the mini-versioned Bhagwad Gita would be the smallest edition ever known, claims G. Vinod Kumar, the man behind the endeavour.
According to Kumar, who hails from a poor family of silversmiths, the compilation work by engraving on thin silver sheets has put to test his personal ability to create silver miniatures of deities, temples and animals.
“Earlier, I used to make silver miniature models for temples and friends. One day, I saw a small Gita and thought of making a smaller one on silver sheets. And, I just started making it. When it was half done, I thought to make it smaller, and thus, gave it a final shape of 8 square mm size,” Kumar said.
Kumar uses a self-prepared pointed pen, fine arts hammer and other tools along with a magnifying glass for carving on silver sheets. Everyday he carves out at least four pages the Gita-in-the-making. It’s been three months since he started it.
He also uses magnifying glasses to read the carved words, as the Malayalam alphabets are hardly decipherable by the naked eyes.
He is optimist of completing the tiny book by December.
Kumar, if successful, would create the smallest Bhagvad Gita in the world, as the smallest Gita known till date is a book (on paper) measuring 2.5 centimetres.
Vinod hopes to complete the Gita by December, and also has plans to write the Quran with full text in 6mm size on silver sheets.
Kumar’s friends are confident about his ability to take out such an unheard of edition of the Bhagwad Gita.
“I know him since my childhood. He is a very creative man. After making a lot of miniature models, he is now working on the smallest Gita. It is an exceptional task that needs concentration. I hope he is able to complete it in the said time,” said K. Kannan, Vinod’s friend.
The Bhagwad Gita is a spiritual verse in Sanskrit language composed around the first century B.C to first century A.D. It encapsulates the essence of profound philosophies of Hinduism in a simple form, and is widely chanted by devotees.
Known as the Song Celestial, the Bhagwad Gita is the sermon delivered by Lord Krishna to Arjuna on the various ethics and realities of life with pointers on the two key aspects of Yoga - Bhakti and Karma (devotion and duty). (ANI)

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