Katie Holmes banned from taking Poshs diet tips

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Tom Cruise

Melbourne, May 29 (ANI): The major hurdle that seeped into Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes famous friendship has been revealed - diet tips.

If reports are to be believed, Holmes hubby Tom Cruise has told her why he ordered her to keep her distance from Posh - too many diet tips.

According to a report in Showbiz Spy, the actor has allowed Holmes to be friends with Beckham again, but with a warning not to swap diet tips with the British singer.

Tom reportedly pulled Victoria to one side during a recent chance meeting at a Los Angeles restaurant, and explained why he had ordered Katie to keep her distance.

“Tom told Posh he was worried how thin Katie was getting, especially as they want to start trying for another baby soon, the Daily Telegraph quoted a source, as saying.

“Tom was firm, but polite. He said that, although he understood Posh thought she was only trying to help Katie lose weight after Suri’s birth, he didn’t want her swapping more diet tips with Katie in the future, the source added.

The source further revealed that Tom thought Katie was becoming fixated with her diet and overdoing it with the exercise.

The ‘Top Gun’ star apparently believes that if the pair stop talking diets, Katie will put on weight.

“Posh was gracious. She just wants to hang out with Katie again. When Katie stopped returning her calls and invites, Posh was genuinely upset. She wondered what she had done wrong, and didn’t know what to do about it, the source said.

And now Posh is trying her best not to discuss calories and diets around Katie.

“She hasn’t mentioned food and diet once around Katie since then. And when they’ve been out for meals together, she’s made a real effort not to comment on what everyone’s eating and to try to order more food for herself — even if she doesn’t touch it once it’s on her plate, the source said. (ANI)

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