Its bird and birds in Sirpur wetland near Indore

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By Rajni Khaitan
Indore, Dec.27 (ANI): Visiting Sirpur wetland near Indore can be a special joy for bird watchers these days, as a big number of migratory birds from Central Asian lands and Europe have made it their temporary home with the onset of winter.
Thousands of birds, nestled on tree branches and in pond, creating various sounds with the chirping and flapping all around, is a view, perhaps, no bird lover would like to give a miss.
Migratory birds have turned the Sirpur wetland an ideal spot for families who flock here for holidaying. Visitors get an excellent opportunity to experience these migratory birds in their natural glory, in an environment conducive to birds growth.
“Here we get a chance to see different types of birdsThe birds that we didn’t get to see easily, we can find them here on Sirpur pond. It looks beautiful. It gives a good feeling that there is a tourist place where we can go. If the birds keep coming here, the people will also make frequently visits to this place,” said Shankarlal, a visitor.
These migratory birds from their traditional habitats like Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Sri Lanka, Maldeep, Eastern Europe and northern and central India use Sirpur wetland as their transitory camps during winter.
“We have never seen so many different and colourful birds. Every bird is of different variety. We don’t see such variety of birds even in zoo,” said Pooja Juneja, another visitor.
Authorities related to the Sirpur wetland have ensured proper care for birds food and their security as a perfect host.
“We have developed a fruit garden for the migratory birds under a plan on Sirpur wetland. At least 200 fruit trees have been grown here which include mango, blue berry, tamarind, pomegranate and almond trees,” said Rajesh Jain, a worker at the Sirpur wetland.
Wooted warbler, open billed stork, black drongo, red stork, vague tale, green bee eater, northern pintel, cotton teal, three varieties of Kingfishers, white-crested, pride crested and common crested and a few migratory ducks are among the common birds sighted at this wetland.
India is home to a large number of natural and man-made wetlands that host thousands of migratory birds during the winter season. It is because the freezing lakes and dipping temperatures in their native lands force them to fly southwards across the globe. (ANI)

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