Inflation hits the dead too in Bhopal

June 24th, 2008 - 9:01 pm ICT by ANI  

Bhopal, June 24 (ANI): Price rise has hit the dead too in Bhopal as the inflation has made good required for last rites at crematoriums beyond the reach of common man.
Things used for cremation like firewood, piece of cloth and other required items has become quite expensive.
The customary items used in cremation are carrying price tags, which are almost double of what they were a month earlier.
Be it the firewood or piece of cloth required for cremation purposes, the rates have risen to the extent of 70 per cent.
People complain such things should not have been allowed to get expensive.
“Inflation is not leaving a person even after his death. Earlier, to cremate a person the family could do it at a minimal cost. Now it is double to treble the price of what it used to be. Items like wood, Ghee (clarified butter) and other items have really gone up. It’s causing people a lot of trouble, especially the poor,” rued Rakmal Kurabaha, a local resident.
The price of wood has risen to rupees 350 per quintal from rupees 150 for the same quantity. Similar is the case with other related items needed for cremation like price of Ghee (clarified butter) is Rs.185 from 150 for a kilogram. Makhana (popped lotus seeds) cost rupees 360 from Rs.200.
For an average man weighing 50-70 kg, it takes about three quintal (300 kg) of firewood.
Whereas, the people at the crematoriums complain the inflation affecting the cost of government supply to them.
“We’re getting the wood from the government quite late and the prices have also increased and we sell it at rupees 250 per quintal. I’ve been working here for the pass 40 years. There was a time when I sold wood at rupees 7 per quintal. Today the prices are sky high. When it is being supplied by the government at such a high rate itself, we do not have a choice but to increase the price,” said Shivsharan Dholpudiya, caretaker of the cremation ground, Bhopal.
According to shopkeepers, exclusively dealing in items for cremation, the prices have risen by nearly 30 per cent.
Shopkeepers say it gets very difficult to convince the relatives of deceased person who blame them for looting even at the crematorium grounds. (ANI)

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