India’s first `Shaman Witch’ promoting spirituality in Punjab through new age therapies

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By Sunil Sharma
Chandigarh, Feb.21 (ANI): New age therapies and healing through a host of skills, including hypnosis, tarot reading, astrology and witchcraft are being accepted by a majority of people in Chandigarh, the twin capital of Punjab and Haryana.
Renu Mathur, a tarot card reader predicts the future of her clients by reading tarot cards and even suggests remedies for their problems.
The images on tarot cards energize and help identify problems and solutions, and Renu’s clients believe she explains everything logically.
Navneet Khokhar, one of her clients, says: When I got in touch with her, she explained things to me in a very logical manner. I analyzed matters and opted for a therapy session that involved going into a trance. So, I find it a very scientific kind of approach.”
Claiming to be India’s first Shaman Witch, Renu helps remove all negative energy surrounding a person through prayer and meditation. She claims that she receives the energy from Gods and Goddesses as also from the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
“Although this may not seem like a straight fight against superstition because what I am doing is very logical like the use of colours, use of fire, use of crystals all of which has been validated by everybody in all fields. This is just a concentrated form of using them and invocations of a Wiccan or a person like me used has a very scientific oath -”Do what will not harm anyone”. We cannot harm anyone. If we even think of doing so we lose our energies,” said Renu.
Esha Gupta, a pyramid vaastu consultant, claims that pyramid-like structures act as rejuvenators for the human body and mind and help cure modern day ailments.
Pyramids, the real miracles on Earth are believed to be very effective and miraculous due to their characteristics that enhance cosmic energy. Pyramid power is now used in sectors like Vaastu, astrology and spiritual meditation.
“In today’s times you cannot limit yourself to traditional vaastu for various reasons like we have an apartment now which we didn’t have earlier. So now vaastu has to change. You cannot say that on a land that you always have to have matters in a particular fashion. And, you always have to have a bathroom there. That’s not practical. It’s not possible as we have attached bathrooms now. We never had it in earlier times. So, in earlier times, when you read the shastras, it was keeping in mind those kind of courses with a very typical format that this is a cardinal point, this is where certain rooms are to be located. It’s not practical today,” said Esha.
Of all the various practices, the ancient Chinese art of creating positive energy - Feng Sui is popular in north India.
Literally meaning wind and water, it is a method to create ideal work and home environments. (ANI)

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