Heres what Brit women really want in their men

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London, Apr 30 (ANI): Attention all men. Heres a very important piece of information for you if youre planning on hooking up with modern young Brit women forget brains and good looks, the ladies are hunting for romance, personality, commitment and a man who earns 25,000 pounds plus.

Young Brit women might dream of a high-flying career and a level of freedom their grandmothers may not have had, but when it comes to men, they want the traditional husband with commitment and a down-to-earth name like James, a new research found.

For the ladies, personality is a mans chief attraction, more than brains and good looks and he also needs to be a romantic hard-worker who earns at least 25,000 pounds a year, preferably in a solid profession such as fireman or vet.

But eight out of 10 young women worry they will never find anyone to fall in love with. And more than three-quarters have suffered from a broken heart.

Rather than being footloose and fancy free, young professional females want a soulmate with whom they can plan the rest of their lives, the research revealed.

The idea that young women want an endless string of serial relationships which never end in commitment is way off the mark, The Daily Express quoted Lisa Smosarski, editor of MORE Magazine, which commissioned the research, as saying.

By the age of 25 what young women really want is a soulmate with a view to marriage. Unfortunately, men have had it so good for so long theyve become commitment-phobic, drifting from one long-term relationship into another, she said.

However, young women today have watched their mothers floundering relationship history and realised that getting a man to commit is important for their future happiness and family security.

Young women today are starting to expect far more from men, she added.

More than nine out of 10 envisage getting married and 89 per cent think fidelity is very important in a long-term relationship.

A mans personality is the biggest attraction, said 90 per cent of the women surveyed, more so than his looks (63 per cent), intelligence (39 per cent) or his body (27 per cent).

Just six per cent said they were attracted to wealthy men. However, two-thirds want a partner who earns more than they do. (ANI)

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