Gurudwara Plah Sahib, a shining example of valour and communal harmony

December 22nd, 2008 - 4:59 pm ICT by ANI  

By Savinder Singh
Amrirtsar, Dec.22 (ANI): Gurudwara Plah Sahib near Amritsar stands not as just a symbol of victory of good news over the evil, but also as a shining symbol of communal harmony.
The 6th Sikh master Guru Hargobind was a saint and a great warrior, who fought several wars against the Mughals. Today, several gurudwaras stand in testimony to those historical wars one of them being Gurudwara Plah Sahib near Amritsar.
It is said Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan came hunting to a forest when Guru Har Gobind Ji was also present. The falcon of the emperor started fighting with the falcon of Guru Hargobind Singh at Gurus camp.
But the guru refused to hand over Shah Jahan’’s falcon.
Paramjeet Singh, Granthi (priest), Gurudwara Plah Sahib, said: Guru Har Gobind Sahibji’’s falcon won. Later on Emperor Shah Jahan asked Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji to give the gurus falcon to him, but the guru declined. The Sikhs told him that you want our falcon but we want your crown. So, the first war of Sikhs started from Gurudwara Plah only.
It was here on May 1628, about 500 Sikhs led by Bhai Bidhi Chand, Praana and Pande Khan faced the strong Mughal Army of 5,000 soldiers. Mughal forces had to retreat after the Gulam Rasool Khan and other two commanders died. Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji was victorious.
To this day, a large number of devotees visit Gurudwara Plah Sahib to pay their obeisance to the Guru and seek blessings of the sacred place.
People irrespective of their caste, creed and gender take a holy dip in the pond.
Karmjeet Kaur, one devotee, said: It is a good place to visit. People from all across the country come here. This is the city of Guru Har Gobind Sahib. We feel very good whenever we come here. People come here with so many wishes and the guru fulfills all of them. Gurmeet Kaur, another devotee, said: The first war of Sikh religion was fought here. The couples seeking a child also come here and take bath in the holy pond. Their wishes get fulfilled here. Also, a big fair is held here every year.
The `Dhadhis”, the traditional singers sing the sagas of Gurus” heroic deeds and valor. The visitors feel proud by listening to the victory of Guru Har Gobind Ji. The day is still being marked as the annual festival.
Starting from day-long prayers to community meal, the occasion turns into merriment and sports activities.
People of all faiths take part in Guru-ka-langar or free kitchen - preparing and serving meal to the devotees coming from far and near. (ANI)

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