Ex-Australian judge relives Taj Hotel terror drama

November 28th, 2008 - 5:00 pm ICT by ANI  

Mumbai, Nov.28 (ANI): A former Australian judge and three-time Olympic rower has said that it was a bloody nightmare to be cornered at gunpoint inside the Taj Hotel in Mumbai.
Reliving the moment, former Family Court Justice Paul Guest said he was left reeling after being confronted at gunpoint at the height of the drama on Wednesday.
A special forces soldier dressed in black burst into his room, soon after Mr Guest heard gunfire and grenade explosions outside his door.
“The next thing I know is the door just came off its hinges, this figure emerged, I mean I was just in a blur, and (he was) screaming at me and my instant thought was it was a terrorist, he told Radio 3AW this morning.
“You don”t sort of concentrate, I thought I was a dead man.
“An AK(47) one of these automatic weapons just thrust at me, for a nanosecond I can tell you … I thought ”well this is it, I”m gone”.”
Then I realised he was screaming at me up, up and then I realised it was one of these special squad soldiers.
We got taken downstairs in a group. They took the whole floor. They extracted about four more and then they took us down.
It was a most surreal journey down the back, with a group of people not speaking to each other - just with signals.
Down at the bottom.
According to the Herald Sun, he said there was blood all over the floor, bits of bodies. Out in the foyer in this beautiful hotel was like in a fog with all the smoke and cordite and an inch of water over the beautiful marble.
“It took nearly 20 hours between the start of the crisis and relative safety. I saw two of the terrorists running across the patio just below me. I heard a grenade go off just as these people in black came up,” he said.
He described seeing a body downstairs, and blood down the stairs, as if a body had been dragged down.
I dont know if people realise how serious this is. Im glad Im out of there, he said. (ANI)

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