Dog shows and races popularising in Ludhiana

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Ludhiana, Jan.7 (ANI): Many of the Punjabis view dogs as a part of fashion and a status symbol and especially in rural Punjab, dog races are a tradition that continues even to this day.
At Jandiala Village near Ludhiana, the rural dog show has developed into an international event with Punjabis living abroad and foreigners taking part in the contest. The recently held two-day event witnessed over 120 Greyhounds competing in several events, which included two dogs from Pakistan, 30 from Ireland and five from Australia.
Rajwant Singh, the organiser of the dog show, said: The event has been organized to keep our fad alive. The participants bring foreign dogs and prepare new breeds in Punjab. The dog race is an obsession for Punjabis.
No wonder these pedigrees include one of the finest imported ones from the Canada, America and Ireland.
With the passage of time the dog events have gained popularity forcing organisers to increase the prize money. The winner gets almost 1,300 dollars, while the first and second runners up get 790 dollars.
It is perceived to be a hobby that brings name and fame to the winner. Mohammad Sahil, one of the dog owners from Pakistan, said: The hobby is comparatively more alive in Pakistan. There, we are permitted to allow dogs hunt other animals. This is my first participation in Punjab. The arrangements are substantial.
Inderjit Singh Sidhu, another dog owner from U.K, said: I bought this dog in Ireland and then trained it in England and brought him over here. I bought him by cargo as an excess baggage. My ticket costs me 450 pounds but the dog costs me 1,350 pounds to bring here. Its my hobby and comes through my family where my grandfather, father all race greyhounds.
Albert, an American champion dog of Saint Bernard breed has come to Punjab, having done his previous owners proud at 42 shows. The 15,000 dollar canine was gifted to Kulbeer Singh by his non-resident brother. Today, it has been a major attraction in his village.
He also brags of his kennel of 10 dogs, all of them being of Saint Bernard breed. Kulbeers desire is to see his dogs win laurels at dog shows.
Kulbeer Singh says: One earns eminence when your dog wins. People come to you to praise and it gives a good feeling.
Greyhound racing is about a sport of racing greyhounds. The dogs chase an artificial hare or rabbit on a track until they arrive at the finish line. The one arriving first is declared a winner. (ANI)

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