Defence picking out police errors in Anand Jon Case

October 27th, 2008 - 2:07 pm ICT by ANI  

Los Angeles, Oct 27 (ANI): The defence in Indian fashion designer Anand Jons multiple sexual assault case is mainly targeting at discrepancies and errors made by police investigators.

The defence mentioned many fallacies in the police investigation after the prosecution rested its case against Jon on October 15.

One of the victims, Stacy F, had earlier said in her testimony that when she went to Jons apartment, he had grabbed her around the waist and attempted to kiss her.

However, in a recent testimony, Police officer Adam Stahnke of the San Luis Obispo Police Department stated that in his report, Stacy F said that Jons attempted kiss was the “only” physical contact, and that she had never told him that Jon had tried to touch her thigh.

According to, Stahnke said that the last words written in his report were: “No crime committed.”

Learden Matthies, a senior criminologist with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’’s Department, testified that the DNA testing on swabs provided by Jessica B., another alleged victim gave no indication one way or the other if sex between her and Jon had not been consensual.

Holly G., one more alleged victim, had told the court earlier that after Jon had sexually assaulted her, she had been invited to take a trip for AIDS Awareness to India with Jon’’s sister Sanjana, and later worked for Jon as his assistant.

However, Beverly Hills police officer Nicole Cranhams recent testimony has revealed that her report had no mention of the trip to India nor did it mention that Holly G. went to an art show and an AIDS event with Jon after her return from India.

Also, Beverly Hills detective George Elwell, a veteran investigating crimes against persons, confessed that during his investigation he had asked the alleged victims he spoke with if they ever any contact of any kind with Jon after he allegedly assaulted them.

Many of the alleged victims had admitted on the stand that they had had contact with Jon after they had been allegedly sexually assaulted, but Elwell’’s investigation contains no phone records or any indication that he had pursued any leads provided by them regarding phone or e-mail contact.

He also denied of finding any GHB, the date rape drug that allegedly had been used on Holly G, in Jon’’s apartment. (ANI)

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