Cry My Country-Oh for a Leader and some Governance

January 8th, 2009 - 1:09 pm ICT by ANI  

The criteria for recognising national parties perhaps needs revision to ensure that they have nationwide membership maintaining proper membership records and issuing membership cards to the members in the manner it is done in the U.K. Thereafter the Commission can work out the manner in which the parties show how their party elections are held at each level, including national. This is something that the Election Commission can do, to help in restore faith in Parliamentary Democracy. It is not just the absence of towering leaders that is hurting the nation. It is the rampant corruption practically in all walks of life that has virtually made governance of India such a difficult task. There is absolutely no discipline left in our cities. People queue up in daily “durbars” before puny politicians seeking to get odd things done. Isn”t it strange that in the India of today, having paid your taxes, you must still bribe some one if there is refund due to you? Corruption has eaten into the vitals of the country. During the licence- permit raj it flourished due to an economy plagued by shortages. Officers of the Customs Department, coast guards and the police all made money and allowed smuggling It has now come to stay and impacted upon all other parts of the society. India has been placed among the most corrupt countries of the world! Thus when those ten commandos sailed into Bombay (I refuse to call them mere terrorists), they were confident that our corruption-ridden city would hardly deter them. Let us not forget that the sea route from Gulf towards the West coast had been used with impunity by the likes of Dawood Ibrahim to indulge in smuggling. He used the same route to bring in the RDX that caused havoc in Mumbai 1993. The practise has been continuing. Yes, we can hold Pakistan accountable for training these terrorists and commandos who attack India. But who do we hold responsible for the failure to protect the coast and being able to govern the country and the State of Maharashtra. Pakistan managed to move a whole lot of its Northern Light Infantry troops into Kargil and our system failed to detect them at the time? Years later we now have a Mumbai attack and we do not even know who is to be prosecuted or to hold responsible for this to have happened? The nation has to deal with this cancer of corruption and indiscipline in all walks of life. In its absence no amount of new preventive systems may work. Salaries of most of the Government staff have been raised to pretty high levels, but there can be no end to their greed. There is absolutely no reason for any of them to indulge in acts of corruption to garner some more money by virtue of the power of their offices. The time has perhaps come to learn from China and impose deterrent punishment-death for corruption in public service. Not that this has totally erased corruption in China, but is sufficient to deter many from indulging in it. For every now and then China does put the corrupt to death with their organs sold to those who need them, Post Mumbai 26/11, I have no doubt that in due course of time the coast of India would be secured and that we may have in place a Central organisation to deal with terror cases. But we need to streamline the whole system. It is the police that needs to be sensitised and made corruption free. It is the police that sit amidst society and the people. They alone can nip any evil in the bud itself, only if it is sufficiently alert and corruption free. It is important that the huge tragedy that took place in Mumbai is not allowed to be repeated. Let the sacrifice of so many innocent people create a resolve that the country is made among the best governed states in the world. Yes, that is the cry of he country at the moment-for a leader who can force that pace and give the nation kind of governance it deserves. (ANI)

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