Craze of keeping high-breed dogs in Punjab

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Chandigarh, Nov 5 (ANI): Keeping a dog as a pet is becoming an obsession in Punjab’s major cities like Patiala, Chandigarh and Ludhiana, reminding one of royalty of Punjab of yore.

Going on an evening stroll with a handsome dog is picture perfect in city like Chandigarh. One can see people holding on leash the world’s top breeds of dogs like the Great Danes, Cocker Spaniels, Dalmatians and German Mastiff.

Harchand Singh is one of lover. He has six German Shepherds, a Great Dane and the ever so Docile Labrador in his backyard.

One of his German Shepherds, Feedor will take you breath away! 4,000 US dollars and it draws large crowds wherever it goes!

“It was a hobby I has from childhood. My parents kept pet dogs and I do fell for it. At first it was hybrid dogs. But after going to dog shows, I switched over in keeping quality dogs,” Singh said.

In Punjab, there are many like Harchand who have taken to keeping top breed dogs.

Pups of these super breeds start from somewhere in the vicinity of 500 US dollars and go up to a staggering 1,000 US dollars.

Enterprising Punjabis socialites do not confine themselves in investing time and money on dogs. They breed other pets in their vast premises as well.

Way back in 1929, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala set up India’s first Kennel Club and today the club has revived that old tradition of Patiala.

“This is an ancient tradition. Kings and emperors had it and today’s rich and well-known Sikh families have picked up this trend. This is the reason why it is popular today. The good old days pets included not only dogs but cows, buffalos and pigeons,” said G P Singh Brar, Secretary General of Patiala Kennel Club.

The annual dog show recently held at the royal Polo ground in Patiala, in which 350 participants from all over the country, with over 40 breeds of dogs were on display.

The Patiala Kennel Club has been holding such shows since 1991 and the standards set by an international jury have made it famous worldwide.

“Well I have judged in India in number of times in different cities. I have to say that the show ground, the conditions is one of the best I have come across in India. In addition, there were some very good dogs. I have seen noticeable improvement in quality in number of breeds here,” said Larry Yeun, international judge From Malaysia. here are over 500 breed of digs in the world today varying in shapes and sizes and who exhibit distinct habits and traits. The small breed dogs - Chihuahua, terror mix and poodles are the favourite of many.

If one can lay ones hand on authentic breeding information choosing the ideal pet becomes easy. One can then ensure that the dog will have a loving home.

This bond between dog and man will lasts for ever. (ANI)

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