Conservatives believe McCain has blown his White House bid: NYT

October 13th, 2008 - 3:08 pm ICT by ANI  

Washington, Oct.13 (ANI): Conservative Americans are of the view that Republican presidential candidate John McCain has blown his chances of securing the White House.
According to the New York Times, the Right can only be depressed as they watch Obama buoyed by a world credit crisis and the deep unpopularity of a president who campaigned but never governed like a conservative.
It’’s the perfect combination to make a president out of an inexperienced, far-left politician whose background provides a gold mine for any opposition researcher.
To the degree that they are engaged in this election, conservatives are motivated entirely by fear of Obama and what he will do as president when backed by a solidly liberal Democratic House and Senate.
They are not driven by love of the Republican candidate, and it shows in the anger present at McCain campaign rallies.
Most conservatives will probably vote for McCain, but they also realize they are far less likely to persuade others, and they feel a disaster coming.
McCain’’s abrupt embrace of a big-government solution to the mortgage crisis during last week’’s debate places an exclamation point upon his many apostasies from conservative thought.
His push for campaign finance reform, for carbon emission restrictions, for federal regulation of boxing, and his long-standing defense of the Death Tax prior to this election have always made his agreements with conservatives on other issues appear to be accidental overlaps rather than a sign of common philosophical belief.
In the current anti-Republican environment, and without a candidate positioned to make a strong conservative case on the issues, the public is as ready as ever to accept big-government solutions to every problem in sight. And Republicans are facing a bloodbath, both up and down the ticket.
If he is to have any chance at this point, McCain must at least make his attacks on Obama more meaningful and relevant for voters. (ANI)

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