Congressmen to grill US govt on lack of plan to fight al Qaeda in Pak tribal areas

April 21st, 2008 - 1:11 pm ICT by admin  

Washington, Apr 21 (ANI): Some of the US Congressmen are learnt to be planning to grill the US government after a recent GAO (General Accounting Office) report found that the main reason for the problem in areas along the Pak-Afghan border was a lack of a comprehensive plan on the part of the US to fight al Qaeda.

The GAO report had said that despite repeated assurances from the US administration that it would eliminate al Qaeda, nothing concrete has been done on the ground.

California Democrat Representative and the chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, Howard Berman said that he wants to bring the lack of a coherent policy against al Qaeda to public.

I want to shine light on this. I want the American people to know what is not happening, and I believe that pressure from that public scrutiny will force this administration and certainly the next administration to make a 180-degree change, the Daily Times quoted Berman as saying.

Reacting to GAO report findings, former CIA operative Michael Scheuer said, It was foolishness from the start to believe that Pakistan could go into that Tribal Area and do our dirty work for us. Anyone could have told this government on September 12, 2001, if youre going to get Bin Laden, if he gets into Pakistan, youre going to have to do it yourself, because the Pakistanis cant do it without destabilising their country to the point of civil war.

The much-debated report released last week had revealed: For six years now, we have known where Al Qaeda is based. The administration has announced over and over again they have a policy to go after Al Qaeda. The 9/11 Commission said nothing is more important than a coherent strategy to smash this security threat, to break these safe havens. Congress has passed legislation mandating that. Notwithstanding the administrations own words, the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, and congressional law, the agencies involved have failed to implement any kind of effective security. (ANI)

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