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Coimbatore, Feb.14 (ANI): Students of a school, located on the outskirts of Coimbatore, have set up museum that boasts of a collection of many antique objects like coins, swords etc. are said to of historical significance.
The museum has put to display a wonderful collection of weapons made of stone, copper, brass and daggers made of copper as well as brass. Two of these daggers have cobra and scorpion etched on them.
Belonging to SBOA Higher Secondary school, students were encouraged to take up such an endeavour by the school management authorities.
“Our exhibition is gaining immense popularity here and around, like each day many schools and many of them have come here and they have been enjoying this place. Our students have come up with their stuff, they have got a lot of artifacts. Each day they bring it and they display it. I never know that history was so much fun,” said Niranchana, convenor of museum activities.
According to students, the main purpose of setting up the museum was to educate other students about the ancient period with first hand information about the materials and modes in vogue during that era.
“Our main idea was to increase awareness among students about the life before 1947. Since todays youth is very centric on technological advancements and such this was a definite eye-opener for all of us.
We have here artifacts ranging from the ancient, Stone Age to the Bronze Age and even this 16th and 17th century and it was a valuable learning experience on the whole,” said Athula Krishnamurthy, Curator of the Students Museum at SBOA Higher Secondary School.
The students attempt looks successful as several groups of students from other school and colleges have already visited the museum.
“I had read about them only in books and now I feel very privileged to see them and I have seen daggers, swords and sabots, shields and many Paleolithic weapons and it makes me very happy to see these things,” said, Srinandan, a visiting student.
The students visiting the museum feel happy and excited to see the antique objects about which they read only in their history books.
“It was very niceI saw here so many swords, so many knives and everythingI feel very happy,” admitted Keertana, another student-visitor.
The collection of antique coins in this museum is among the major attractions. (ANI)

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