Coimbatore man builds his dream house with cardboards!

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Coimbatore, Oct.28 (ANI): A man in Coimbatore has designed a two-storey cardboard house that has become conspicuous for having a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a toilet, all joined together with wood paste.

Covering over 930 square feet area, claimed to be one of its kind in Tamil Nadu, has provisions for portico, tampering roof and sunshades, steel windows and front door made of cement bonded wood particle boards.

A.T.Sindhamani, who has been residing in his cardboard house with his family for past one year, says it took him 30 days to build it.

“We can construct this house within minimum period of 22 days. At the same time, because of this concept, it can withstand all sorts of climatic conditions. Many people die due to debts, which can be avoided with this construction,” said Sindhamani.

He says such a house costs 40 per cent less than the cost incurred for a normal brick-made house of the same size. It can be raised on a ground that is dug just one foot.

The portico with its entire structure, including the roof, has been made of card boards, which is made of a special material such as wood paste and cement paste.

Sindhamani says the house’s panels have been fixed on both the sides of steel frames, which have been joined using screws. This rest on levelled ground and only the corner frames have extension.

The ground has been dug a foot deep and the projections are inserted into it and fixed firmly with concrete.

This house is claimed to withstand earthquake tremors up to 5.8 on the Richter scale. Even though the roof is made of the boards, it can resist fire, rain and termites.

Moreover, this house can be dismantled anytime and re-arranged at any place as per the requirement.

This house has one additional floor that is also designed with light weight cardboards. It also has electricity and water supply.

People visiting the special house, never forget checking its strength by tapping on the walls. It is claimed that this house’s walls require painting once in six years only.

“When I entered the house I thought that this is constructed with bricks, cement and sand. But they told me that it’s made out of cardboard. This is amazingly beautiful. Everything is real,” said Jacob Ebinezer, a visitor.

“I thought that this house and roofing had been designed with asbestos sheets. But after entering the house I found that the wall and interior work is really nice and beautiful. They have all facilities which is really nice,” said Palanisamy, another visitor.

Sindhamani claims that following his special technique, the house can be built up to six storeys. (ANI)

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