Chennai man develops special wheel chair for his disabled pet

November 16th, 2008 - 8:10 pm ICT by ANI  

By Jaikumar
Chennai, Nov.16 (ANI): A dog owner in Chennai has developed a special wheel chair for his pet, who is paralysed from waist down to the hind legs. The aid has enabled the dog to move around without any discomfort and even play with the owner. Julie, the pet, today moves around with the aid of stilted wheels, which is almost, like a ”wheel chair” designed by its owner. Julie had met with an accident a year ago, which gravely injured waist and hind legs of the then three months old. The dog after the tragic accident struggled to overcome its physical handicap, particularly when the dog had to watch other dogs playing around in the house. But Julie’’s owner John Peter (40), a mechanic by profession and an ardent animal lover, took the dog to a veterinarian who treated it for eight months. But the vet could not cure its crippled hind legs. John, however, was determined not to let his pet suffer and wished to make its life worth living. He used his innovative mind to develop a suitable aid with which Julie could move around. He developed a special ”wheel chair” for Julie. “I have four dogs including its mother. We all love Julie very much. It is now one-and- half-year old. It was fine for the first three months but in the fourth month it met with an accident coming under the wheels of a bike during night. Then I took Julie to a veterinary hospital continuously for seven to eight months for treatment. Finally, the doctor said there is no more chance for Julie to move around,” said John Peter. Peter, who is mechanic by profession, tried making a perfectly useful aid seven times for Julie, but succeeded on the eighth occasion for which he took help of a carpenter. “With help of a carpenter I have designed this model cart that was not available. I tried making it seven times and finally made this. I have designed this wheelchair, which is about 3.3 kilograms. Julie is now happy and running freely with the help of this wheel. I spent rupees 3,000 on various parts and assembled to make this wheel chair,” said John Peter, Julie’’s master. Two short stilts with wheels attached to it with a tiny plank for the dog’’s hunch is the ”wheel chair” designed by John Peter which indeed has lent a new lease of life to Julie. Today, Julie has become comfortable with the aid and today the pet can move around. And, the owner and the pet enjoy playing with each other. Encouraged by his special aid, Peter intends to help more of such paralysed pets with his novel ”wheel chair” and seeks Government’’s help for the same. AWBI (Animal Welfare Board of India) that functions under Ministry of Environment ad Forests with headquarters in Chennai can come forth and aid this project of ”wheel chairs” for crippled dogs. Likewise SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) too could extend a helping hand in aid of injured limbs of dogs and other animals. (ANI)

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