Chandigarh may soon join the list of UNESCOs World Heritage sites

December 30th, 2007 - 7:12 pm ICT by admin  

By Sunil Sharma

Chandigarh, Dec 30 (ANI): An icon of modern architecture, Chandigarh has been placed on the tentative list of the world heritage sites, which has been prepared by the UNESCO.

One of the most significant urban planning experiments of the 20th century, the city, which is the administrative capital of two states- Punjab and Haryana- was designed by French architect-planner Le Corbusier.

Presently, an exhibition in going on in the city showcasing the various stages of its planning by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jardin, as the city celebrates half a century of coming into existence.

I I SHARMA, former Chief Architect of the city says: It all started after the partition of India when Lahore went to Pakistan and east Punjab was left without the capital. It was necessary to make a new city and that is how it started.

In the beginning there were doubts, as to whether the city would be an expansion of old city, or should it entirely be new city. But later on it was decided that we should make a new city, he adds.

The unhurried, uncluttered environs, the well-defined spaces and planning set Chandigarh alongside some of the finest cities in the world.

Divided into some 50 sectors, each of the man-made structures has been designed so as to look as a part of natural elements.

Renu Saigal, an architecture expert, says: When Chandigarh was conceived, modern architecture was in its initial stages. So it is unique in the sense that it has planned piece of modern architecture. It started from the scratch.

Generations have talked about Chandigarh being a reflection of Le Corbusier’s philosophies of life.

The magnificent Sukhna Lake is amongst the largest man-made lakes in the country. It is a hugely popular spot for the locals and the tourists alike.

The city’s location also makes it a favourite tourist destination. It is easily accessible from most north Indian states.

If Chandigarh is declared as a World Heritage City, the tourist flow will grow manifold, experts believe. (ANI)

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