Celebs” incredible check-in pseudonyms revealed

October 24th, 2008 - 2:22 pm ICT by ANI  

Angelina Jolie

Melbourne, Oct 24 (ANI): If you hear a steward in a five star hotel calling out for some ”Miss Lollipop”, do make an effort to look into that direction, for this stranger with the funny name might turn out to be none other than Angelina Jolie.
Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Britney Spears, and even Sir Paul McCartney use pseudonyms when they check into hotels to avoid the prying eyes of the media and fans.
And some of the fake names include Mr and Mrs Ross Vegas, Sir Humphrey Handbag, Alotta Warmheart, John President, and even Mr Donkey Ass.
When together, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston used to sign into hotels as Mr and Mrs Ross Vegas.
And now with Angelina Jolie, Pitt registered them as Bruce and Jasmine Pilaf, when they checked into California’’s Parker Palm Springs hotel.
Jolie uses the alias Miss Lollipop, while Pitt often uses the name Carl Con Carne, when they are travelling alone in secrecy.
As the couple met on the sets of ”Mr and Mrs Smith”, Jolie is having great fun signing in as Mrs Smith. She also likes to use the name Miss Manners.
Singer Elton John uses a range of favourite aliases, including Brian Bigbun, Bobo Latrine and Sir Humphrey Handbag.
And if you don”t know who Apollo C Vermouth is, then take a look at the picture of Paul McCartney on any Beatles cover, for that’’s the name this veteran uses when travelling or backing another singer or group anonymously.
Britney Spears enters her name as Alotta Warmheart when she wants to travel incognito or wants to avoid her fans.
Actor Matt Damon has utilised his middle name to make Matthew Paige, and his mother’’s maiden name to get the alias Matthew Carlsson-Paige. But the actor claims his favourite is John President.
“Being referred to as Mr President all the time is very gratifying,” News.com.au quoted him as saying.
And Johnny Depp uses the weirdest of pseudonyms that include Mr Stench, Mr Oddpong, Mr Drip Noodle, Mr Donkey Ass.
“Instead of using Smith or Jones, I derive a lot of pleasure from booking airline tickets or checking into hotels under absurd, often indecent, pseudonyms I do it when I am certain they don”t know who I really am,” he said.
“It’’s hilarious to get a wake-up call at some ludicrous hour, like 5.30am, and the guy has to say, ”good morning, Mr Stench, good morning, Mr Drip Noodle, you have to get up now”.”
George Clooney has confessed that he used to check into hotels as Arnold Schwarzenegger.
“It was the funniest thing in the world, because they knew I wasn”t Mr Schwarzenegger, but they had to call me that and it was really enjoyable watching their faces when they did,” he said.
And it might seem odd, but one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe used the pseudonym - Zelda Zonk.
And the royal family of Britain is not far behind, when it comes to hiding behind fake names.
Prince Charles uses an alias Charlie Chester when visiting a London club to see A Night at the Opera. One of his titles is the Earl of Chester. He has also used Charles Renfrew and travelled as Mr Perkins.
The Queen and Prince Philip also used aliases when they visited a London some years ago. However, they couldn”t” pull it off well and were recognised eventually. (ANI)

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