Boot camp on Moon to prepare astronauts for mission to Mars

October 2nd, 2008 - 12:51 pm ICT by ANI  

London, October 2 (ANI): In a new strategy proposed by NASA, astronauts would have to undergo a tough lunar endurance mission camp on the Moon before they are even considered for a mission to Mars.

According to a report in New Scientist, NASA chief Mike Griffin has outlined the punishing lunar endurance mission that would have to be completed before NASA could ever consider sending humans to Mars.

Speaking on NASAs future mission priorities at this weeks International Astronautical Congress in Glasgow, Scotland, Griffin said that Mars is not automatically the next destination simply because humans have already been to the Moon.

Griffin said that we have too little knowledge of the Moon to head straight for the Red Planet.

The total human experience on the Moon is less than 27 human working days on a world that is the size of Africa, he said. So, whether the Moon is a stepping stone to Mars or a place of interest in its own right depends on knowledge we dont have yet, he added.

To improve that knowledge, and to test the logistics and human factors of potential Mars missions in the bargain, Griffin proposes an elaborate lunar mission experiment.

It would mimic the travel and landing time of a Mars mission by using the International Space Station as a mock Mars spaceship and the Moon as a surrogate Mars.

According to Griffin, the experiment would consist of placing a crew on the space station for say seven or eight months, then taking them from the station and landing them on the Moon and asking them to survive there for nine months to a year, with no further assistance other than what they have brought.

After that, return them to the space station for another six or seven months and then back to Earth. All with no extra assistance because that is what it will be like when we go to Mars, he said.

Unless we can do that experiment successfully, the first crew to go to Mars will not come back, he added.

Griffin is not alone in this uncompromising view.

A raft of space agencies, such as the China National Space Administration and the European Space Agency, want to cooperate on crewed Mars missions in the future, potentially using the ISS and the Moon as staging posts. (ANI)

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