Besides aid, US should show humility towards Pakistan to help it strengthen: NYT

March 29th, 2008 - 12:44 pm ICT by admin  

Pervez Musharraf

Washington, Mar 29 (ANI): Besides providing financial aid, the US must also show some degree of humility towards Pakistan, only then Washington could help strengthen the new regime in Islamabad, an editorial published in New York Times has said.

The US administration can help strengthen the new government in Pakistan with the right mix of aid, attention and humility. With more aid, and more humility, it can also argue the case for why fighting extremism is in Pakistans clear interest, the Daily Times quoted the editorial as saying.

Holding the Bush administration responsible for having bullied and bought President Pervez Musharrafs loyalty, it said though he never stayed bought.

It further said that unfortunately, the Pakistani coalition leaders had made it clear that they do not trust the Bush administration, which placed all its (US) hopes on Musharrafs destructive authoritarian rule.

Recalling former premier Nawaz Sharifs warning to visiting US officials that there would be no more one-man show in Pakistan, the editorial said that the new government is working hard to marginalise President Musharraf and undo his worst abuses, starting with the release of the judges detained last year. Amid a bloody surge in suicide bombings, officials in Islamabad are also talking about trying to negotiate a deal with local Taliban militants, said the editorial.

It further said that it is hard to see how the Pakistani coalition leaders could be more successful than Musharraf has been. Describing it as a risky course, the editorial suggested that Washington would have to work hard to help the new government understand this, without provoking even more resentment and mistrust.

The newspaper warned that there are other dangers ahead. Pointing out that Nawaz Sharif had demanded the presidents resignation, it said that there were some who feared that if pushed, the former general might try another coup. The new government is also going to have to work out a relationship with the United States, the newspaper said, as it would need continued help. (ANI)

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