Beijing all set to host Olympics

July 8th, 2008 - 12:06 am ICT by ANI  

By Ravinder Singh Robin

Beijing , July 7 (ANI): Preparations are on in full swing at the Beijing Olympic Village, as the Beijing Olympics scheduled for August 8 has exactly one month to go.

Not only the officials but also young students of schools and colleges are contributing their part by working as volunteers in the Olympic preparation. It is like a century old dream coming true, said a Chinese student here.

On Monday, the artisans were seen giving last minutes touches outside the National Stadium the Birds Nest where the mega opening would take place and outside the National Indoor Stadium.

Yang Zhuo Fan, Information Officer of State Council said that the people are working hard to get the job done on or before time and the preparations are almost complete.

He said, There are lots of volunteers here, to make this event successful.

The people here feel that this mega event would not only provide a platform to understand China better by the other countries, but Beijing would also become a window to China , which would further strengthen its relations with the rest of the world.

For 21-year-old Cui Bingbing, a college student, the event brought cheers to them, as she would get a chance to meet other young people from all over the world on a single platform and get to know them better.

She said that it also provides an opportunity to show to the world about our age-old civilization, culture and custom.

Another college student Wang Li said that he feels proud that he is working here as a volunteer and is a part of the campaign which would shape our country as one of the best in the world.

Sun Weide, Deputy Director, Communication of Beijing Organizing Committee of Olympic Games (BOCOG) informed that more than 90 per cent of the tickets were sold out. He said that during the Athens Games 100 millions of people had applied for the tickets, where as for Beijing we have so far received 185 million requests for the tickets till now.

While recalling a century old dream he said, In 1908 a US based Chinese magazine asked three important questions. One is when will China send its first athlete? And the second was when China would get a gold medal and the third was when China would hold the Olympics Game.

He further added, So after a century we have the answers. In 1932 China sent its first Athlete to the Olympic and in 1984 won the first gold medal and now it is hosting the worlds most prestigious games the Olympics.

However, he said that to make these games secure, safe and without any untoward incidents the Chinese security authorities are closely working with the Interpol and having a memorandum of understanding with the Greeks in terms of security.

He assured that China in general is a safe country and Beijing is the safest city. He further said, We are confident of hosting successful and safe games here during Olympics.

During the Olympic games there would be 37 events, which would be held in Beijing only.

During the opening ceremony China is highlighting two themes one is their old civilization and the other is harmony. (ANI)

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