Barbara Cartland’’s book of etiquettes to be re-issued after 46yrs

September 29th, 2008 - 7:08 pm ICT by ANI  

London, Sept 29 (ANI): Known for her mushy novels, legendary author Barbara Cartlands popular etiquette handbook will soon be hitting the shelves again, 46 years after its first publication.

The book details a number of courtesy gestures, which in todays era might have turned obsolete.

Out of many age-old etiquettes, some are: (A husband) resents a wife who slops about in laddered stockings with a shining nose and the act of love should always be followed by the woman putting on her elusiveness with her clothes.

While, many of Gen-Xers might not follow the guidelines in the books, the authors son, Ian McCorquodale, believes it remains relevant in lots of other ways.
He claimed that everyone likes to know how to do things correctly whatever the other changes in society.

Mum believed that manners were the bedrock of civilisation and that true etiquette is simply the art of making people feel as comfortable as possible. Even if she was only having dinner at home with me she always wore her best dress and Id wear a dinner jacket, the Daily Express quoted Ian as saying.

He added: “We had manners drummed into us: thank-you letters written at the drop of a hat, always sending flowers after youve been out to dinner, always standing up when a lady enters the room. I still do.

However, many of the social mores detailed in the book might be deemed sexist, like: Unless she is ill, a woman should get up and cook her husbands breakfast before he goes to work in the morning. It is bad manners to do this in curlers, without lipstick, in a shabby dressing-gown.

However, in order to be fair to both the sexes, the author wrote that a man shouldnt then sit opposite his smart, lipsticked wife reading the newspaper.

She thought it was all right for a man to have a bit of experience before marriage so he knew what he was doing but she didnt think women should. Thats not very fair, is it? said Ian.

The writer has talked about the act of love several times, commenting that, for women, it should be a momentous, soul-stirring adventure and reminding men that to turn over and fall asleep without holding and thanking their wife first is boorish in the extreme.

He also said that theres nothing worse than an indulgent parent and suggests that, for brattish children, a slap is occasionally required.

The book was first published in 1962. (ANI)

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