Banking made easy for eves in Lucknow Mall

April 4th, 2008 - 10:00 pm ICT by admin  

Lucknow, April 4 (ANI): Banking has been made easy for several housewives here who can now do shopping n banking together visiting a women exclusive bank opened here as a brainchild of State bank of India.
Located in a shopping mall, one can enjoy banking in an ambience of luxury like a plush lounge with piped music, plasma television and a bookshelf, an upmarket cafe, change rooms and internet kiosks.
Another important aspect of this bank is that the first holder of a joint account should be a woman and the second account holder can be anybody of her choice.
The ambience and facilities extended by the bank has attracted many women here, who feel at home banking here.
Nearly 500 women have already opened their accounts in this branch of Vasundhara that is open seven days in the week and also functions with extended working hours in aid of working eves.
“One it is a step towards the empowerment of women. Even today, they are dependent upon men when it concerns banking. Moreover, they cannot properly use their ATM cards. We have an ATM machine and Internet banking and advise them on financial banking in this branch. And if the GDP growth rate of India has to be maintained in India at 10 percent, then women must contribute towards it. It is an effort towards this direction,” added Shivakumar, CGM, SBI, Lucknow Circle.
In Vasundhara, the account holders are expected to maintain a minimum balance of rupees 25,000 to utilise all these facilities.
The system reflects a new style of Banking in India with a feeling that says: ‘Ladies first’.
The branch has features like a lounge, television, music channel, coffee corner, reading corner, internet kiosks, foot message facilities, changing rooms and locker facility. Perhaps, Vasundhara is unmatchable in India to offer such facilities.
“The first thing after coming here is that you feel as if you are in your own house. That ambience is there. So you feel more at ease with the staff here. The interaction of employees with us is more comfortable,” said Ranu Gupta, one of the customers.
He added that it could probably looked upon as a step towards empowering women in an age of progressive world, whereby they would be trained and given special tips of ATM use, internet banking and financial transactions in various deposit schemes including stocks and debentures.
According to an analytical report of Indian Banking Association, the nationalised banks have more branches than any other banks in India.
Furthermore, investments of scheduled commercial banks (SCBs) also saw an increase from rupees 8,04,199 crores in March 2005 to rupees 8,43,081 crores in the same month of 2006.
As for India’s retail-banking assets, these are expected to have an annual growth rate of 18 percent over the next four years (2006-2010). (ANI)

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