Ayodhya has a Hindu woman keeping Rozas during Ramadan

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Faizabad, Oct.8 (ANI): A Hindu woman in Ayodhya constituency of Uttar Pradesh is setting an example of communal harmony by keeping Rozas, the dawn-to-dusk fasts for past three years during the month of Ramadan.

Sudha Aggarwal has deep regard for Islam and is a living inspiration for Hindus and Muslims in Faizabad District.

On Sunday, the 24th day of Rozas, Sudha Aggarwal hosted Iftar (referred to the evening meal for breaking the daily fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan). She invited her Muslim friends and neighbours.

“I keep Roza so I can invite my friends and neighbours to the Iftar party. I asked my neighbours and they happily agreed to come to my house,” Sudha said.

It’s been twenty years since Sudha started visiting the Dargah of Hazarat Sayyed Shaheed Salar Ali Mohammed Hasan Rehmat Ullah Aleh. She has been visiting the sacred place every week along with her children.

“Any festival can only be successful if people will celebrate it together. It doesn’t matter if it is a Hindu festival, Muslim festival or any other festival,” said Khadim Abbas, Sudha’s neighbour.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims observe a day-long fast without water .This year the month-long dawn-to- dusk fast started on September 16, after the sighting of the new moon.

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Hijri lunar calendar, commemorates the revelation of Quran, Islam’s holy book, and has traditionally been a time of religious fervour, settling old disputes and behaving charitably towards neighbours.

Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. During daylight hours, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking, sex and music.

Considered auspicious for prayers, Muslims observe the month-long fasting called “Roza”. It is believed to secure them a place in heaven and also brings them face-to-face with Allah — the Almighty — on the day of “Qayamat”, when the world will cease to be. (ANI)

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