Astronomer suggests conserving lunar crater for radio astronomy

March 24th, 2008 - 2:42 pm ICT by admin  

London, March 24 (ANI): An astronomer has suggested that a crater in the center of the far side of the moon should be conserved, as it is an ideal location for setting up a future radio telescope to detect radio waves of all kinds that are impossible to detect on Earth.

According to a report in New Scientist, Claudio Maccone of the International Academy of Astronautics in Paris made this suggestion.

Maccone has referred the crater Daedalus, which has a diameter of 1820 kilometers, as a haven for radio telescopes, free from the electronic chatter of Earth and the many satellites now orbiting it.

The Moon would be free from the man-made RFI (radio frequency interference), which is a constant hindrance on Earth.

Firms claiming to sell moon land have said that they would welcome a lunar conservation area.

“Anything that protects the moon, front side or back, is to our minds a positive thing,” said William Folkes of Moon Estates in the UK.

Maccone is now calling on the United Nations to recognise Daedalus as the “Protected Antipode Circle” (PAC).

In his proposal, Maccone has mentioned the advantages of the creation of PAC as:

It is the only area of the far side that will never be reached by the radiation emitted by future human space bases, it is the most shielded area of the far side, with an expected attenuation of man-made RFI of 100 dB or higher, and, it does not overlap with other areas of interest to human activity. (ANI)

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