An elephant and her calf electrocuted in Orissa

May 3rd, 2008 - 12:14 pm ICT by admin  

Badrama Ghati/Bhubaneswar, May 3 (ANI): A mother elephant with its calf, electrocuted by a low dangling high-tension electric cable, died on the spot at Badrama Ghati range along Sambalpur-Deogarh districts border in Orissa.
The electric wire was found hanging just six feet above the ground. It is feared that the two elephants were moving around the area when the electric wire caught the mother elephant and subsequently trapped the calf holding on to its mother.
The wire caught the trunk of the mother elephant and it was burnt and cut due to the intensity of the shock.
Wildlife officials said they would sue the utility for negligence.
“It is not only dangerous to animals, hanging electric line may be dangerous to human beings also,” Bijoy Ketan Patnaik, state’s chief wildlife warden.
Elephants were revered in India. But, gradually, the respect for the animals and the taboo against killing them has been worn down.
These elephants usually fall victim to increased poaching for ivory and their habitats disappear. Many stray out of the forest to block roads and rail tracks or look for food in built-up areas.
Some emerge from the jungle every year to take advantage of the paddy harvest while others have discovered a taste for local liquor, and drink everything they can lay their trunks on. (ANI)

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