American media gets personal on Palin

September 4th, 2008 - 12:51 pm ICT by ANI  

Washington, Sept.4 (ANI): Alaska Governor and Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palins honeymoon with the American media appears to be over, for if latest reports are to be believed, coverage of her has turned personal and invasive.
According to the Washington Times, Palin was at first treated with giddy curiosity by the media, and was also portrayed as a conservative “dream girl” in high heels.
However, news soon morphed into speculation about her family circumstances and lifestyle - and the possible effect on her suitability for office.
Some say the hubbub is justified, and that a vigorous press is part of high politics. Others contend that mischief is afoot.
“McCain picks her at the last moment, he knew about her background, yet he didn”t allow her to sit in front of the press and offer her own story. Sarah Palin must know that if you go on to the national scene, you”re going to get creamed. This isn”t like applying for the city council. She chose to make her pregnant daughter and family part of the coverage when she accepted the nomination,” the paper quoted Taylor Marsh, a progressive talk-radio host and blogger, as saying.
Now the press must ask whether she is ready to possibly be the commander in chief. It is the duty of the news media to vet those in high politics. That’’s our responsibility,” he added.
Some say the press is clearly awry.
Tim Graham of the Media Research Center said it is fair to question Palin’’s experience, question her record, and question her judgment, but criticized the supposedly feminist media elite for abandoning their principles and start questioning whether a mother of five can handle this job.
Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America, agreed. “The choice of Governor Palin is exposing the rank hypocrisy of the ”enlightened” gatekeepers of the mainstream media.”
The Washington Times, however, believes that a sympathetic public could ultimately favor Palin.
Meanwhile, Republiocan presidential nominee John McCain has not masked his displeasure with the press.
He canceled an appearance on CNN on Tuesday after the network aired a particularly combative exchange between anchor Campbell Brown and Tucker Bounds, a McCain spokesman, who was called upon to defend Palin’’s abilities. (ANI)

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