Amber Petty slams new cultural trend of pseudo-lesbianism

August 28th, 2008 - 6:37 pm ICT by ANI  

Melbourne, Aug 28 (ANI): Co-host of the SAFM morning show Amber Petty has revealed how she feels about girls who try to fake being lesbians to gain attention.

Petty says that many girls these days share a kiss or an affectionate caress simply because they think it as a new cultural trend of pseudo-lesbianism.

For the Aussie, looking at the girls simulating lust for each other in public places in the desperate hope that someone’’s watching really puts her off, as they end up looking so pathetic.

Petty feels that there is nothing wrong if one experiments with ones sexuality.

She, however, insists that it would be wrong if such experiments are done in public, essentially to get attention from men, or if a person thinks that it’’s the cool thing to do.

According to her, if a person acts like a lesbian just for fun, then she should take time out to examine herself thoroughly, for it could be that the person has a problem with promiscuity or is suffering from seriously low self-esteem.

Her advice is to stay true to oneself, for one might regret the actions done in youth.

Petty stressed on sparing a thought for the real lesbians or bisexual women, who may be feeling bad every time they come across such girls in action.

She insists that being a lesbian or bisexual is not a fashion trend, and that it isnt something that one can just pick up and discard whenever one wants.

You”re born bisexual and you”re born gay. It’’s pretty simple really. If you kissed a girl and you liked it, good on you, but don”t fake it to be cool, quoted her as saying. (ANI)

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