All Pak nuke programs are Chinese, says former Indian envoy

September 9th, 2008 - 6:32 pm ICT by ANI  

Nawaz Sharif

New Delhi, Sept.9 (ANI): A former Indian envoy to Pakistan, G. Parthasarthi, said on Tuesday that all nuclear programms initiated by Pakistan were Chinese in origin.
Speaking at a discussion here, Parthasarathi said: “Pakistan’’s nuclear programme was being conducted by the Chinese. “There is no Pakistan nuclear programme. All are Chinese.”
Participants Indian political leaders as well as policy-makers in the services, including the Foreign Service, are not adequately aware of the role being played by the military in Pakistan and its influence on India-Pakistan relations, Gen. V.P. Malik, former Chief of Army Staff, said here today.
“There have not been adequate studies on the role of Pakistan military. The knowledge among the politicians, Foreign Service and academic world is not good enough,” Gen. Malik, now President of the Institute of Security Studies of Observer Research Foundation, said.
Gen. Malik said inadequate knowledge often led to wrong perceptions about Pakistan and the role of its military, leading to miscalculated Indo-Pakistan relations. He narrated how the Kargil infiltration by the Pakistani army happened soon after the much-hyped Lahore Declaration between Prime Ministers Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Mr. Nawaz Sharif.
Gen. Malik, who led India to victory in the Kargil war, was speaking at the launch of a new ORF publication, ”The Military Factor in Pakistan” written by RSN Singh. Gen. V.N. Sharma, former Chief of Army Staff, released the book, published by the Lancers.
Gen. Malik noted that there was a big difference between the ISI (Inter Services Intelligence Directorate) of Pakistan and Research and Analysis Wing of India. He said people failed to understand that ISI is an extension of the Pakistan Army.
Gen. Malik said RA&W failed to understand the importance of the intercepted telephonic conversations between Mr. Pervez Musharraf and his army officers. He said he was shown the intercepts only after the Prime Minister asked about it at a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security. “Who were the best people to understand the conversations? Is it not the Army chief?” he asked.
He said while Pakistani leaders like former Benazir Bhutto understood the importance of reigning in the Pakistan Army, most in India have not yet understood its importance.
Releasing the ”The Military Factor in Pakistan”, Gen. V.N. Sharma said stressed the need for continuous study of Pakistani military since fast-faced developments are taking place in the country.
Underlining the importance of intelligence coordination, Gen. Sharma said there was military intelligence of intercepts of conversations between Pak army officers on the killing of Gen. Zia-ul Haq.
He also noted that the focus of Pakistan was now turning westwards. “It has never happened before,” he said.
All the experts opined that the Army rule in Pakistan would continue irrespective of “Zardari or no Zardari”.
In the book, author RSN Singh says that real democracy has, to date, eluded the country to such an extent that, when at the helm of affairs, the duly elected governments have been controlled and manipulated by the military and the bureaucracy, not by the will of the people.
Singh says civilian rulers in Pakistan have displayed as much authoritarian tendencies as the military rulers. And every ruler, whether military or civilian, has contributed to the growth of Islamic fundamentalism.
The book also notes that no ruler in Pakistan has survived his protege and most politicians have been susceptible to manipulations by the military. (ANI)

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