A visually impaired but versatile

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Coimbatore, Jan.17 (ANI): Karuppusamy of Tamil Nadus Pollachi District demonstrated that despite physical disability one can be a success in life if he or she is ready to build personal career with a positive mindset.
Despite being a visually disabled, Karuppusamy of Palanigoundanpudur is today able to repair radio sets, climb coconut trees and shred open (dehusk) coconuts to earn his livelihood.
Forty seven-year-old Karuppusamy lost his eyesight due to small pox at the age of two. When grown up he was told that he could never regain his vision. He made up his mind to make the most of his life instead of wasting his time cursing his disability.
Karuppusamy is adept at climbing up around 40-feet high coconut palms. He climbs up at least 30 trees in a day and plucks coconuts.
He also repairs radios.
Having tossed down the tweaked coconuts, Karuppusamy climbs down the trees and dehusks several coconuts per day with the agility of any normal person.
“I learnt radio mechanism from a nearby shop. I also learnt to climb tall coconut trees and dehusk coconuts. Today, I can climb more than 30 tall coconut trees a day and dehusk over 1,000 coconuts, said Karuppusamy.
With the small earnings what I get from all these jobs, I manage my family’s expenses. Generally, people used to say that physically challenged people are disabled, but I don’t agree with this. I have proved this in my life for the past 45 years and I can achieve and do anything in life without eyesight. I hope to be able to do this for 100 years, God willing, he added.
Neighbours and local residents appreciate Karuppusamys self-confidence and zeal.
Generally, people with good eyesight fail sometimes and fall down, but this man does all his work without anybody’s help. He repairs radios from nearby houses, and he also climbs tall trees. He is now helping me financially and physically,” said Nachammal, an elderly neighbour of Karuppusamy.
Karuppusamy is also a breadwinner for his family comprising his wife and a baby girl.
“I know him for past 30 years and he used to climb tall coconut trees. He dehusks one load of coconuts,” said Saraswathi, another resident of Palanigoundanpudur.
Karuppusamy loves swimming with his friends. (ANI)

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