A piano gave uniqueness to the Beatles Hard Day’’s Night’’s opening chord

November 2nd, 2008 - 12:13 pm ICT by ANI  

Paul McCartney

Washington, November 2 (ANI): A Dalhousie University mathematician has a mystery as to why the opening chord to The Beatles “A Hard Day’’s Night” is completely different than anything found in the literature about the song to date.

Jason Browns work attains significance as no one quite knew exactly what chord Harrison was playing for 40 years.

He has found that there was a piano among Harrisons 12-string Rickenbacker, John Lennons six-string guitar and Paul McCartneys bass guitar, and that they collectively accounted for the problematic frequencies.

According to him, it was George Martin, the Beatles producer, who added a piano chord that included an F note, which is impossible to play with the other notes on the guitar.

Brown has revealed that he used a mathematical calculation known as Fourier transform to solve the Beatles riddle, inspired by reading news coverage about the songs 40th anniversary.

He says that the process allowed him to decompose the sound into its original frequencies using computer software, and parse out which notes were on the record.

Music and math are not really that far apart. Theyve found that children that listen to music do better at math, because math and music both use the brain in similar ways. The best music is analytical and pattern-filled and mathematics has a lot of aesthetics to it. They complement each other well, he says.

Brown may have become the first mathematician to have his work published in Guitar Player magazine, on the back of his findings, which have garnered international attention. (ANI)

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