A family that loves using the language in reverse order!

June 11th, 2008 - 11:04 pm ICT by ANI  

By Juhan Samuel
Muvatupuzha (Kochi), June 11 (ANI): Believe it or not, the Pottas family residing in Muvatupuzha village near Kochi has cultivated a unique talent to read, write and spell words or sentences, all in reverse order!
This talent has come naturally to the family, as everyone just loves practicing it any time of the day in daily life.
Anyone just needs to utter a word or sentence, regardless of its length, the members are always eager to read, write, type and spell it out in the reverse mode.
One of the family members is the 20-year-old Geordie Job Pottas, who is also a law student. He is stated to possess an ability to relate the exact number of alphabets contained in any word or sentence in any language within seconds.
“My elder son Geordie has a unique talent which even I do not possess. He can count the number of letters in a word or phrase and in a small sentence, which you can read out to him. Nobody in the world so far has claimed such a talent and we want to claim such a record,” said Job Pottas, the head of Pottas family residing in Muvatupuzha Village.
Job Pottas, the eldest of the Pottas family, has been an inspiration for the rest of his family. He has also found a place in some book of records for his talent of pronouncing words and sentences in reverse order fluently.
Job, however, reveals his secret saying: “I do not have to practice it. I was a voracious reader and used to read all sorts of books on knowledge right from medicine to law. And through this reading, I also acquired a good vocabulary and never made a mistake. Reading in reverse order became spontaneous and today its a habit. It is God’s gift to me. Plus I have a good verbal memory. All these factors made me possible to achieve this.”
Besides, Job can sing any song in reverse mode. He also records in his personal computer that enables him to listen in the correct from.
Job’s younger son Jaacs Job Pottas, a standard XII student, and daughter Gemima Job, a standard six student have also imbibed these qualities. They are following their father’s footsteps.
“There is nothing like practicing and I think it is just an inborn talent. I can spell backwards and if you ask me, I can spell reversibly,” said Jaacs Job Pottas, the younger son.
Job Pottas’ talent was revealed when he was in the high school and used to write in reverse to make his secrets.
Today, Pottas family has already bagged several awards and mementoes for demonstrating their talent in various shows at various colleges and schools in India, Singapore and European countries.
Job Pottas attributes his amazing talent to his wife whom he describes to have been the main driving force. But she passed away a few months ago.
In 1992, Job wrote in reverse an entire chapter from the Holy Bible’s St. John’s Gospel taking just 35 minutes to write 1,200 words. (ANI)

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